Why Tata Nexon Electric is the best affordable electric car in India?

Tata unveiled the Nexon Electric on December 19, 2019, at a price tag of 13.99 Lakhs INR.

The tata Nexon electric is fully made in India and it is the first car with a 5-star safety rating (Safest homemade EV in India).

The Nexon EV is based on TATA’s new term called ZIPTRON which offers long Range, 8 Years warranty on the battery pack and motor, IP67 water, and dustproof, and fast charging with a lithium-ion battery rated at 30.2 kWh with a claimed range of 312km.

Tata has modified the old combustion engine version of Nexon and converted it to electric. This helped in preserving the old aesthetic looks of Nexon. The car checks all the boxes when safety is concerned. 

India is a country where people prefers cost-effective vehicles rather than expensive high specs vehicles. Tata has cracked this code by introducing the Nexon EV at 14 Lakhs. 

Let’s check out how Electric version of Nexon and Diesel version of Nexon is compared out

Regarding one-time purchase price Nexon diesel variant is for sure cheaper starting at ₹10.26 lakhs while Nexon electric starts at ₹14 lakhs but if we do the detailed breakdown of the cost of ownership of electric version it becomes the cheaper among Nexon electric vs diesel.

Nexon electric has many exemptions and subsidies. First one is No road tax in many states (Maharastra is one of them) and also many states provide subsidy for purchasing electric cars. Maharastra govt gives ₹1,00,000 subsidy for purchasing Nexon electric while Delhi govt has a draft policy to give a subsidy of some amount. So the base model will only cost you around ₹13,50,000 on road.

Let’s break down the cost of ownership of the car for 10 years. Assuming you run it 10,000 km per year which is near the average of daily commute of Indian cars 30km/day.

CostsTata Nexon EVTata Nexon Diesel
Operating Years1010
Running costs per Km (₹)₹1.40/km₹4/km
Total running cost
(10,000km per year)
Total cost of
Ownership in 10 years
cost of ownership of nexon electric vs nexon diesel

So for 10 years cost owning of tata Nexon diesel is ₹16 lakhs while that of Tata Nexon electric is ₹15.40 lakhs. Considering other factors such as eco-friendly more power (127 bhp vs 108 bhp) and much more Torque of electric car, Nexon electric comes out as overall much better value for money than its diesel counterpart.

Wrapping Up:

Tata Nexon is certainly the best affordable electric car available in the country. It has many more advantages over diesel Nexon as the combustion engine is made of a large number of moving parts which gets degraded over time while the electric version has less moving parts which make it more reliable than a combustion engine. So if your daily driving limit is about 200 kilometres you can easily use the car but the car won’t be effective for long trips as India has still to develop fast-charging network.

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