Why Software Updates are so Important for Electric Vehicles?

If you are reading this article probably you are reading it on your mobile phone or a pc, and if I am right you then you must be aware of software updates of your device. Device manufacturers push software updates on the air for many reasons. These updates come with extra features, UI changes, security patches, extra stability, bug fixes. These updates play a key role in making consumers experience seamless.

The same thing happens with electric vehicles, unlike ICE vehicles electric vehicles are less mechanical and more electrical, this electrical hardware requires software to give the desired output. A well written bug-free software will deliver more efficient output from the hardware than a buggy one. Let’s break the advantage of software updates in points and check them out linearly. 

1. Feature Updates:

With every update, manufacturers try to push new feature updates to the vehicle to make the driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Features like games, optimized range delivery of the vehicle, dark mode for the console, etc. Many other features were made available to the consumers via a software update. 

For a normal ICE vehicle software update is impossible as they are not designed for it which disable them to get any software updates and to get an upgrade in any part you have to visit the third party seller but in case of EVs, any update in software can be made via a software update. 

Tesla’s co-founder Elon Musk is quite active on twitter and is very interactive with the community, Tesla car owners have requested many times for features and Elon delivered it overnight if it was possible through a software update. 

Even Tata Nexon EV users complied with a list of bugs and feature requests themselves and posted it on twitter mentioning the TATA Motors. These requests are addressed and likely to be fixed in the next software update.

This shows how a software update can revamp the driving experience.

2. Security Updates and Patches:

Electric Cars come with a drawback that is they can be hacked if there is any loophole or if a bug is exploited. These loopholes and bugs can be fixed through a software update. Old software has a higher risk of getting hacked than a newer one. 

If someone steals your car you can easily track or lock the vehicle, the company can disable charging or fast charging if someone tampers with the hardware or software which can safeguard the vehicle. Tesla killed supercharging for salvaged Tesla cars to stop people from using old accidental cars. 

3. Revamped UI: 

User Interface is a thing that is instantly visible to the human eye after a software update. Everyone likes a refreshment after a while. Using the same old UI for years can give the feeling of old thing but an updated UI can give refreshed experience. The UI we are talking about is the consoles UI. 

Final Verdict: 

Software Updates are necessary for electric vehicles as they can deliver a revamped driving experience and protect you from security threats. Sometimes you may find nothing is changed after an update because some changes are done which is not visible in UI but they are done to protect or optimize. Next time when you see “There’s a software update available” popup do click it and update it to the latest software.

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