Watch how a Robotic Arm plugs in the charger in a Tesla

TheNillaGorilla a Reddit user uploaded a video today in which he is showing a robotic arm plugging in the charger in the port of the car.

For now, the robot only follows a single path but the agency is developing the project to make the robot autonomous. The agency is planning to add cameras so the robotic arm can detect itself where the port is and plug in the charger. 

A Touchless, Robotic charging setup at my work. from r/teslamotors

The robot is made of UR5(Universal Robot 5). The robot is capable of handling up to 5Kg of the load. The UR5 robot costs $35,000, which is costly. Although this was just a test video, we can expect less costly technology in the future.

This technology is not new and is used in various places to automate the process. It may not be of much use for EV drivers but this will surely come in handy with fully autonomous vehicles. Vehicles running on 100% autopilot will need recharging and as there is no human involved this method will enable the electric vehicle charge by itself. 

Considering the COVID situation this can help in maintaining sanitation as it is a hands-free process. It can also be used in special parking for people with disabilities and in tight parking spots where you can just drive your electric car and the robotic hand plugs in the charger while you are sitting inside the car. 

EVonRadaR’s Take :

The technology is not of much use for now and is very costly. But every technology in the development phase is costly, so it won’t be right to judge the technology right now. Let’s wait and see what the future holds for this thing.

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