ULTRAVIOLET F77 – India’s First Sports Electric Bike

When the country thought of developing and making the things within the country everyone was coming out with new and innovative ideas and ULTRAVIOLET F77 was one of them which is a devil machine that is fully developed and manufactured in our own country. A Bengaluru based company earned a series B funding of Rs 30 crore from the big manufacturer TVS Motors. The investment of time money and mind have come out to be good as a result of India’s first speed Electric Motorbike for racing.

Ultraviolet F77 was first revealed in the month of November 2019 and was expected to be on-road soon. The company has said that people can start their booking by October 2020. This sports bike is going to kill the market because the sleek design with a good structure of aerodynamics is going to give the machine an ultimate look. Ultraviolet F77 is going to give a head to head battle to all bikes around which is giving out no emissions. The model is fully electric and promises a lot to its customers.

ULTRAVIOLET F77 - India's First Sports Electric Bike

If we go in detail of the specifications and the running motor, the bike is powered with a 25KkW electric motor which provides an astounding torque of 90 Nm. An inbuilt cooling system to cool down and maintain the temperature is there. The transmission type is fully automatic with a single reduction helical gearbox. The teams claim that the motorbike can go from 0-60 km/hr in 2.9 sec. The maximum speed of the motorbike is 147kmph as given by the manufacturers with an acceleration of  (0 -100) in 7.2 seconds. The battery of 4.2 kWh gives the bike a massive range of 130 – 150 km in a single charge. The charging time is estimated to be 1.5 – 5 hours depending on the chargers. If we gon the braking system a set of dual disc brake is installed in the bike which is way more reliable and safe. Let’s dig down a bit more about the electronics part of the bike, fully digital odometer, speedometer, trip meter, and navigation, with all the functions on the hands, is fitted. The sleek sporty look does not only gives stability but also a safe and comfortable ride. Installed with dual-channel ABS for a safer ride. The taillights and headlamp are LED to splash its light all over around.

ULTRAVIOLET F77 - India's First Sports Electric Bike

The bike is being launched in three different colors SHADOW, LIGHTNING, LASER. Being an electric motorbike it has its own benefits such as zero-emission, eco-friendly, and incentives on buying an EV that is given by the government to promote it. This is the first-ever motorbike of Ultraviolet and is going to kill the EV market.

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