Top 7 Things To Be Considered Before Buying An EV

Have you made up your mind to make a drift from your IC engines to Electrical motor-driven vehicles? We all know and have heard all the facts related to how healthy an Electric vehicle is and utilizing it on a daily basis will eventually help us to grow a better environment. Every Electric Vehicle comes with a promise of less emission, better performance, a healthy environment, and many more. A great future will strike soon in this industry and will have a drastic change if we go with the calculations.
If you are out to buy an EV and have started searching about it then you should know some facts and things to have a good knowledge while buying it. We can help you to give a clear view and option that you have and you should go for.

1. Your Daily use and requirements.

Every person has a basic daily need that he or she needs a vehicle for. There is a huge number of Ev’s out there with a very wide range from a 100Km to 260Km traveling range in a single charge. There are more topmost reliable vehicles like Tesla which have an unbeatable range of more than 400+ miles. You should know how many miles you have to travel on a daily basis and the charging rate. This will help you a lot in deciding what type is suitable for you. One should have a good knowledge of the range of a vehicle and different vehicles you can go for in the basic range. List of Electric vehicles differentiated click here

2. Charging Stations

A power source is essential for any machine, and if we look around we have n number of oil stations to get our tanks filled with petrol diesel and other flammables. The main issue of EV’s running on the roads are the charging stations. In countries like India, we have a huge problem with electric charging ports for electric vehicles, and if we see that everyone installs one at there home but still we need an external station for emergency and safety purposes. Installing a charging station is not that cheap as well as the electricity supply power requirement is not achieved easily. An average charger out can give you a 2.5 kW power running at 230V/15A. There are 3 types of charging with an EV and they are :

  • Rapid charging is DC charging and gives the best and the fastest rate of charging.
  • Fast charging, it comes with an output of 7kW to 22kW and takes an average of 3 to 4 hours to charge the full battery depending on the specifications.
  • Slow charging, it is one with the lowest output rate and they are safe and best for housing stations.

So, it completely depends on you that what you want and what are your requirements in case of charging your vehicle.

3. Maintainance and Additional costs

You have decided to go for an EV now things that should strike your mind are the additional cost that you have to face. There are different things that you have to take care of after buying an EV. Maintainance of the battery system, electrical motor, the electronic system should be scheduled for a safe ride. Regenerative braking gives a betterment in the performance of the braking system and they last long without a problem. Other costs of accessories and basic things go hand in hand.

4. Car’s battery

The main extra cost regarding a vehicle is the Battery. many companies offer a warranty of 100,000 miles approximately 8 years and some are less than that. Nissan offers a warranty of 60,000 miles. Tesla has planned to launch a one million mile battery which can be an innovative change in the battery field. If there is a problem in the battery functioning putting it on stake is not safe, replacing a battery cost a huge amount of 176$/kWh. It is reducing as the technology is advancing but they are still not economical. We know that EV can cost more than an IC engine vehicle but they are more reliable and safe in terms of lifespan.

5. Technologies in an EV

Every machine is different because of different specifications and some of the main specifications give your vehicle an outlook. There mar some main such as battery monitoring panel with a range that an EV can go, energy saver, charging station map, inbuilt interaction system. If we go towards advanced vehicle specifications such as auto driving, remote control, climate control, and many IoT things can be installed. There are many other inbuilt specifications that an Ev can have in.

Top 7 Things To Be Considered Before Buying An EV
Charging an EV

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