Renault Garbage Trucks: The New Bang

When the Ev industry is dominating in every other field now it’s time for Electric Vehicles to be the one in the sanitation industry. RENAULT has made a helping machine the Renault Truck which will be serving as the garbage truck in the cities of France. By July 2020 the motor company has said that the trucks will be there on the roads and will be serving their purpose. This could be a new step towards the era where there will be no emission on the roads and all the commercial vehicles will be less polluting.

Renault Garbage Trucks: The New Bang

Now let us have a closer look at the specifications and how these are very suitable for the use.

The Renault D Wide ZE is the best beast out there like an electric garbage truck with the ability to carry the weight of 11 Tones. With the battery pack of 200kWh, the total weight of the truck is 27 tons. The two electric motors fitted have a total rating of 370kW with the torque producing 850Nm. The wheelbase of 3900mm gives truck stability.

Renault Garbage Trucks: The New Bang

The main purpose is to attain zero-emission which will benefit the nature and the emission of CO2 will be less and the pollution graph will go down slowly. The operating cost will gradually decrease because the vehicle runs on the electric means giving the best output. The machine can charge itself overnight and can fill itself in 2 hours with a fast-charging system. In a single charge, the truck can serve for the range of 200km which is way more sufficient for a garbage truck carrying weight. The maintenance cost will also have a positive impact as EV has to take less care than the IC engines. A study said that there can be seen a 75% less emission of toxicants.

Some more models

  • Renault Truck Master ZE
  • Renault Truck D ZE

This can be a revolution and another step which can make a change in the EV industry and in the future we can see a lot more coming into this.

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