Mobycy Zypp – E-Bike and E-Scooter Sharing Platform Overview

What is Zypp?

Zypp is a platform found by Akash Gupta and Rashi Agarwal in August 2017 providing rental electric bikes and electric scooters to B2B and B2C in India. Zipp aims to solve the short travel distances that are less than 5Km. They have come up with an app that assists you to locate an electric scooter or bike near you, unlock it by scanning the QR code, drive it, and then park it back in Zypp Parking Circle. Their mission is to reduce oil-guzzling cars and bikes on Indian roads.

India’s huge population makes it difficult to commute comfortably on roads. Also, roads in the country are narrow disabling cars to commute on them. India is a huge market for e-commerce that requires last mile deliveries, these deliveries are done on petrol bikes. Most of these bikes are old and not much fuel efficient which makes them more costly to run and are causing pollution. The operating costs can be cut down tremendously if these last mile deliveries are done by electric two-wheelers. The electric two-wheeler rentals will be a good alternative for cabs. 

Products :-

Zypp Delivery: 

As said earlier e-commerce and food delivery companies rely on petrol two-wheelers that consume more fuel and costs more to operate as petrol price hikes are common in the country. This inefficiency and costs can be cut down if they use electric two-wheelers.

Mobycy Zypp - E-Bike and E-Scooter Sharing Platform Overview

Zypp provides electric two-wheelers with and without a driver as your needs. They also provide electric scooters for Zomato and Swiggy delivery riders. 

Zypp Hyperlocal :

Mobycy Zypp - E-Bike and E-Scooter Sharing Platform Overview

More small businesses are coming up online that require cost-effective pick and drop services. Zypp is a platform where a store or business can list up and get their orders delivered to their customers. They also offer first month marketing of your business for free which will boost your sales. 

Zypp Rentals :

Zypp Rental is a personal electric two-wheeler rental service offering weekly, monthly, and quarterly rental plans. They also provide home-delivery of their electric two-wheelers.

Mobycy Zypp - E-Bike and E-Scooter Sharing Platform Overview

Just download the app and select your desired plan and take the zypp e scooter on lease with or without a driver. 

Zypp Rentals prices start from Rs 499 to Rs 3999 per month. 

Other Features : 

  • Many features make zypp unique such as it doesn’t require a license to ride mobycy electric scooter. 
  • If the e-scooter doesn’t start you can call and address your problem to them.
  • You can pause your rides in between to do anything you want but there’s a catch here, in the pause period you will be charged 50 paise per minute and as you resume the ride the normal changes will revert. 
  • They provide coupons and referral discounts to give you extra concessions.
  • Insurance on every ride. 
  • They have an investment program where you can invest and earn through it.
zypp invest and earn

Conclusion :

For now, India relies on fossil fuels, startups like these are big steps towards the clean and zero emission future. These services will reduce the load on pockets on customers and will help bring down the number of cars on the road that will lessen the traffic and pollution. Their scooters are equipped with GPS. They are safer than cabs as the corona pandemic makes cabs unsafe. Services like these make the users independent of driver, users can drive their rented electric scooters themselves.

Image credits : Zypp.

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