Delhi’s Electric Vehicle Policy with attractive Incentives launched

  • Financial assistance of Rs 30,000 on purchase of electric two-wheelers, e-rickshaws, and autos.
  • Incentive up to Rs 1.5 Lakh on electric cars.
  • Low-interset loans on electric vehicles. 
  • Scrapping Incentive on the exchange of old internal combustion vehicles.
  • Road tax and registration fees to be relieved off on EVs.

Delhi comes in the top 10 most polluted cities in India. Policies like even-odd rule were formed to control the pollution but they failed because of the huge population of Delhi. Delhi’s internal combustion vehicles contribute a lot to increasing pollution in the city. During the lockdown phase, we all saw how much pollution was reduced, the reduction was tremendous.

The new policy formed by CM Arvind Kejriwal on Friday will make the adoption of electric vehicles fast. According to CM, their aim is to kickstart the capital’s economy in the unlock phase and to reduce pollution. 

The policy formed will be live for 3 years and will be reviewed after completion. He added that changes will be made in the policy in live phase if any need arrives. 

Their aim is to increase the percentage of electric vehicles in Delhi from 0.2% to 25% by 2024. This will create thousands of different kinds of jobs in the capital city for youth, set-up 200 charging stations in every 3 Km area in 1 year. They estimate that in the coming 5 years 5 lakh new EVs will be adopted in the capital. 

Kejriwal said that State EV Fund will be made to fund all the requirements of the mass ev adoption. An State EV Board will be also made whose chairman will be the Transport Minister  Nitin Gadkari.

Those who have old vehicles, they can exchange their vehicle for new EV under the scrapping incentive program. 

Conclusion :

Policies like these will boost electric vehicle adoption in the country. Evs are costly to own initially, incentives like these will lessen the load on consumers’ pockets. Every state needs these kinds of policies to boost up the process to march towards clean environment.

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