Busting Top Myths about Electric Vehicles

Let’s take a look at most common myths about electric vehicles and bust them with our facts shooting gun. 

Myth 1: We won’t be able to take long trips!

Busting Top Myths about Electric Vehicles

Range Anxiety can happen and you may think that your electric car or electric scooters may run out of juice very soon. It was true when EVs used to run on Lead-Acid Batteries but now electric vehicles run on lithium-ion batteries which enables the electric vehicles to go on long-distances and features like fast charging. A typical electric car can from 150 Km to 350 Km on a single full charge. 

Myth  2: We can’t afford an electric vehicle, Its too costly!

Busting Top Myths about Electric Vehicles

New technology is indeed costly initially to make it cheaper people must buy it. Initial ownership of an electric vehicle may be costly but its high efficiency, unlike ICE, will bring down the running costs tremendously. Many countries like India are providing incentives if you buy an electric car like if you buy an electric car in Maharashtra you will get a subsidy of Rs 1 Lakh and heavy deduction in road taxes is also offered. 

Myth 3: Electric Vehicles are not Safe!

Busting Top Myths about Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are safer than internal combustion engines. Gas powered cars are 11 times more likely to catch fire than electric cars. Electric cars like Tesla that comes with cameras and autopilot has proven that it is safer than any other electric car made ever. 

Myth 4: We can’t tow with our electric car!

Busting Top Myths about Electric Vehicles
Electric car towing an electric boat

People think EVs are not powerful and they cant tow with their car. It’s wrong, you can tow with your electric car, the instantaneous torque of electric car will give you enough rotation to tow heavy loads. But keep in mind that towing will bring down your range as on heavy load motors suck more current from battery than usual. 

Myth 5: My EV will take forever to charge up!

This is a common myth that people have in mind. An electric vehicle can be charged overnight through normal standard power supply of your country, and if you are in a real hurry you can opt for DC Fast Charging, which can charge up your EV up to 80% in 45-50 minutes.

In this way, you can avoid waiting in long queues at gas stations and charge your vehicle at your home.

Myth 6: It’s too expensive to replace the battery and needs to be replaced frequently!

The lithium-ion tech is evolving and its prices are also coming down. Batteries come with 7-8 years of warranty, if something happens to it you can get it repaired or replaced in the warranty period. It is estimated that an average electric car can last up to 10-20 years before battery replacement. Although it depends on your driving and how much you drive. 

Myth 7: We can’t drive in the rain and waterlogged areas!

Busting Top Myths about Electric Vehicles

It is a very common myth that electric vehicles are unsafe in rain and might give you shock or become faulty. Electric Vehicles come with ingress protection and cut-off safety features that will protect your vehicle.

EVs are more reliable in waterlogged areas as there is no problem of hydro locking like in internal combustion engines.

Myth 8: Mass adoption of Electric Vehicles will require more Power Production Plants!

Busting Top Myths about Electric Vehicles

People think that more EVs will require more electricity to charge them up and to produce that extra electricity it will require more power plants to pop up. Studies show that most of the drivers will charge their EVs at night which is the time when electricity demand is lowest.

Also features like V2G when mass adopted will help in this by peak leveling the electricity demands. 

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